Pass A Hair Drug Test Effortlessly

You should not have risked taking performance-boosting drugs in an attempt to enhance your on-field performance in the hope that it would help you to win a medal in the competitive sports you excel in. You had believed all along that you would pass the urine test with the help of fake urine and other tests using dubious methods. However, you had no idea about the hair follicle test employed by the ADA (World Anti Doping Agency) authorities nowadays. This test is so sensitive that it can detect traces of performance-enhancing drugs in hair follicles even 90 days after you have stopped taking the drug. Does this imply that you stand the chance of being humiliated when you test positive for drugs and be eliminated from participating in sports for several years? Never attempt to appear for this test after shaving your hair, as you can be sure that the WADA specialists will not conduct the test, and will call you again for it after your hair has grown slightly. Does this mean that you have no option and have to remain suspended from participating in your favorite sport for several years? Do not worry as you can remove all traces of the drugs from your hair follicle with the help of special shampoos made for this purpose.

How to pass the hair follicle drug test
You should stop taking drugs immediately and drink lots of water as the former stops the buildup of drug in your system and the latter flushes out all traces of toxins from your body via your urine. Your next step is to purchase a drug detection kit and search Google for hair detox shampoo 2018 – pass a hair drug test. Always purchase the best available shampoo. If required visit online forums in which sports-persons discuss means to pass drug tests. Find out the best detox shampoo that they recommend and use it as directed on the accompanying pamphlet. Use the drug detection kit to check a strand of your hair to check if it contains remnants of drugs. Repeat this process until the drug test tests negative. You no longer have to shave your hair while appearing for the hair drug test in the knowledge that you will pass that test successfully. You should use the latest shampoo as the specialists of WADA know all about the previous ones. They have developed new reagents, which can detect drug traces in hair they have supposedly detoxified.